About Us

We’ve brought together to best of two long standing community organisations to strengthen how we serve our local community. Wellspring Settlement enables our community to actively participate in positive, life-affirming activities. We offer a unique space for residents of Barton Hill and the wider area to celebrate, learn, create, develop, relax, socialise and play. From young people to the more mature, from new residents of our locality to those who have lived here all their lives, everyone is welcome.

Our letter to the community:

Wellspring Settlement is a charity and is run for the community and led by the community, it is not run for the profit of any individuals. We are accountable to you and aim to work with you to ensure that everyone in our community has all the opportunities to live the best life they can.  We will listen to you and hear what matters to you, and use our influence as an organisation to talk to the City Council, Health Service and others to ensure your voice is heard. We will work with you to ensure the services we offer are the right ones to meet your needs. Join us to help us in our work as a member, a volunteer, or as a Board member, making decisions about what we do.

We have a particular focus on the residents of Lawrence Hill, Easton, and the surrounding neighbourhoods. We operate more widely when this benefits our neighbourhood.

Our vision is for strong dynamic community where everyone has a good quality life.

Our mission is to achieve our vision by harnessing skills and resources locally to power community-led change. We will promote communities that grow together, challenge inequalities and fight for equity in all forms.

Our values:

  • Integrity of word and deed forms the basis of all relationships
  • For us real leadership is serving the community first
  • Celebrating diversity; this is our strength
  • We will demand equity in all our work
  • We will dedicate long-term stamina to achieve our goals
  • Nobody is a stranger and everyone feels safe and welcome
  • We will do everything we can in partnership

Our aims:

  • Locally led: To build and develop all services, activities and responses in an innovative and flexible way based on evidenced local need and priorities.
  • Create opportunities: To create opportunities for the individuals we work with by defining and developing our community anchor role.
  • Ambitious organisation: To deliver the vision by building a new organisation that has ambitious targets, aims for the highest quality, challenges inequalities and builds on the strengths of our communities.
  • Powerful connected communities: To have strong connections at all levels with the communities we serve and build connections within communities to create local power and reduce isolation.
  • Increase local resources and influence: To raise the profile of the area by promoting its strengths to increase resources and influence for the communities we serve.
  • Restore, protect and promote a sustainable neighbourhood.
    To be sustainable and independent, financially and socially.

You can read more about our aims and how we will work to meet them here.