Meet others

We have plenty of opportunities for you to connect with other people, share your interests and make friends - putting in place the building blocks for a strong community!

Older People’s Work

We currently have a growing calendar of activities for you to get involved in. Whether it’s a coffee and a chat, a walk around the local area with new friends, a gardening group or if you have other ideas you would like to see up and running in the community. Please contact our older peoples Community Development Worker Dan.

Contact name - Dan Waghorn
Location - Ducie Road
Telephone - 0117 9556971
older ppl 2

Community Café

Come in an enjoy our Community Café, offering affordable drinks and good quality food in the heart of our Ducie Road site.

Contact name - TBC
Location - Ducie Road
Telephone - 0117 304 1400

Community Engagement Team

We are currently recruiting 2 Community Engagement Workers to be part of the Wellspring Settlement Team. Not only will these 2 people be out and about getting to know the local community, but they will be developing a menu of activities, events and workshops for you to get involved in.

Contact name - Anya Mulcahy-Bowman
Location - Beam Street/Ducie Road
Telephone - 0117 9556971

Food Club

Wellspring Settlement Food Club is a partnership with Family Action and FareShare.

It costs £1 per year to become a member. Once you’ve joined, you can purchase a box of tasty food items every week worth approx. £10-£15 for just £3.50.

To become a member you must live or work within approximately 15 minutes of the club.

Box contents are different every week, but usually contain a good variety of fresh fruits and vegetables and a selection of fridge, freezer and store cupboard items. Halal, vegan and vegetarian options are available.

The Food Club also offers lots of other ways to get involved, have fun and connect through food:

  • a lending library of cooking equipment and books
  • gardening club growing food onsite
  • cooking club
  • social events
  • advice and guidance in reducing food waste
  • recipe sharing
  • volunteering opportunities.
Contact name - Gabrielle Lobb
Location - Ducie Road
Telephone - 0117 954 8898