Syeda’s story: “I feel like I have no limits!”

My name is Syeda and I’m a Case Worker on the West of England Works project at Wellspring Settlement. I was born and raised in Barton Hill to a family from Bangladesh, and I now live in the area with my own family.

I first found out about Wellspring Settlement in 2016, when my health visitor told me about the baby groups at the Family Centre. My first impression was that it was a warm and friendly place and welcoming to the community. The staff were knowledgeable and helpful, and the Centre was better than I was expecting with lots of equipment and nice surroundings. I was surrounded by the community and with other parents for the first time.

I joined the Food Club around this time, and when I received a text message asking for volunteers, I signed up. I also saw a shout out on social media advertising a community research volunteer position for the Routes to Community Influence project, working with members of the community to learn more about employment opportunities for local people. The staff were welcoming and approachable, and the training meant I quickly learned the ropes and felt confident in the roles. I liked meeting people I wouldn’t normally meet and helping my community.

Volunteering gave me so much experience and really built up my skills. When I saw that the Settlement were looking for Case Workers for West of England Works, it seemed like a job I could do. I had lots of support and encouragement from staff, and I decided to apply.

I really enjoy my new role and being a member of staff. I like coming in to work each day and working in an area I’m so familiar with. My team feel like family, and everyone supports and looks out for each other.

The work can be described as ‘expect the unexpected’; people surprise you, which is quite nice. I like that the work is led by people’s needs, which is not something I have experienced in other roles. It’s face to face, which is good! I feel proud to be helping people who I see in my neighbourhood. I feel like I am giving back to my community, and I would love to develop this more.

There are lots of areas within the Settlement I could see myself developing in, and I don’t feel like I would ever get stuck personally or professionally. Working for Wellspring Settlement, I feel like I have no limits!


We’ve got plenty of paid vacancies here at Wellspring Settlement, so why not take a look here. Or if you’re interested in building up your skills and experience like Syeda, you can find out about volunteering opportunities by emailing