Join us as a Trustee!

There are exciting opportunities to join us as a member of our Board of Trustees!

  • What is a Board of Trustees?
    A group made up of individual elected members who are Company Directors and Trustees of the charity.
  • What do they do?
    Trustees support the running of the organisation and help to ensure that Wellspring Settlement works to its Vision and Values and meets its aims and objectives.
  • Who can apply?
    We aim for the majority of the Board of Trustees to be people from the local community. No previous experience is necessary to become a Trustee and support and training will be provided to enable people to take on the role.
  • Will I receive any training?
    New Trustees will be mentored by an experienced Trustee to support them in their first year and may also attend appropriate training.
  • What do I get?
    Trustees are volunteers and should not be paid for their work, but can claim any ‘out of pocket’ expenses (e.g. travel, childcare).
    You will build your skills and contribute to building a
    strong dynamic community where everyone has a good quality life.

If you would like more information, please email Beth Wilson.