Volunteer as a community researcher

Boost Finance and the University of Bristol are working together on a project to better understand what financial resilience means to the people in Lawrence Hill and how Boost, Wellspring Settlement and other community services can help residents build up resilience.

According to reports, the COVID-19 pandemic has left over a quarter of UK adults with low financial resilience which means that they struggle to deal with financial shocks, for example when they have an unforeseen expense or lose part of their income. Low financial resilience can be very stressful, create economic difficulties and have a negative impact for physical and mental health.

As a community researcher, you will receive training and support to conduct confidential interviews with members of the community, share learnings with the group, and participate in workshops where we come up with ideas and recommendations for Boost Finance to better serve and work with the community. Overall, you will be expected to spend ~30 hours on the project in total (between 4-8 hours per month):

Get in touch if you:
– Are a member of the Lawrence Hill community, all ages, genders and backgrounds welcome
– Can respect confidentiality and not show any judgement or bias to participants or members of the project team
– Are excited about the project and participating in it
– Have good people skills, compassion and respect for others
– Are dedicated to the quality of your work and able to work independently
– Are looking for an opportunity to serve the community while learning new research and design skills

If you would like to sign up, or would like more information, call Lisa or Hari from Boost on 0117 955 6971 or 07516 854 657, or email boost2@wsb.org.uk