Calling All Parents!

Do you enjoy making artwork? Would you like to connect with people but have no children? Would you like to improve services for all families? Do you have something to say about parenting during and after the pandemic?

You can join our Art Research Group and receive art packs with amazing materials and creative activities around parenting and the pandemic. We want to hear your story of parenting and what you think would make a difference to your family in the future.

You can participate either in an in-person group or create at home and share your work online with other parents.  All participants will receive amazing art packs of materials for the project and to keep afterwards.  You will also be supported through the creative activities which guide reflection on your experiences and hopes for the future.  The material generated will contribute to a city-centre billboard campaign and a policy paper presented to decision makers in June 2022. If you’d like to take part in the project get in touch with Jude now! Call 07762 95202 or email

The project was inspired by the Single Parent Action Network (SPAN): a Hands On History Project (2019 – 21) and SPAN’s belief that improving services for single parents improved services for all parents.   It’s time for your voice to be heard!

Previous participants said:

‘Everyone was very supportive’

‘I enjoyed the process of sharing and talking through it’

‘Great to appreciate our creativity’